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Heroku, a Haiku for you

Heroku a haiku:

Constant deployment

Integration on the fly

Heroku for you

Let's talk about the devops cycle. It's comprised of several different layers. We're going to focus on Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery(CD), test automation, and configuration management. More importantly we are going to focus on connecting our Gitlab repository with Heroku. We'll do this so we can get the CI/CD environment setup for our branch of the LibreFoodBank.

So what do we need to accomplish this? We'll need our repository on Github migrated to Gitlab. This has already been done and we will be working from a specific forked branch for our testing. We'll need our Heroku account setup. This has already been setup for us. Since we are stepping into this project at this phase we should just need to follow some basic steps to link the two. Once we have confirmation that all the steps work correctly and are repeatable we will create working documentation for other teams to utilize.

Here's the high altitude overview of how we will accomplish this:

Setup Gitlab account

Generate a pair of SSH keys

Setup staging and production environments in Heroku

Setup tests

Setup the CI environment on Gitlab

Install and register Gitlab Runner

Configure the pipelines and fire it up

Again this is the 20000 foot look at how we are going to get where we need to be and we'll be taking notes as we go!

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